Learn more about Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom

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The Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom (C4) values the importance of interprofessional collaboration as it brings together individuals from different backgrounds to work towards achieving common goals while solving complex, real-world problems.  

C4 is hosting a series of virtual information sessions, taking place on various Fridays at 10 a.m. until June 23. The next information session will take place on April 28, where prospective C4 students can explore interprofessional collaboration in the classroom.

By applying this method of collaboration in the C4 classrooms, students develop and hone transferable skills while learning the value of multiple perspectives and approaches to research, design and problem solving. Students come together from across campus to work in small teams on real-world problems with social impact.

While some students may lack hands-on work experience during their undergraduate studies, and only participate in interdisciplinary team environments once they’re employed, C4 fills these gaps and gives students an advantage by exposing them to an applied learning environment that promotes intellectual diversity before graduation.

Register for an upcoming information session and learn more on the C4 website.