York U in the news: CRA review results, QS rankings and more

Universities across Canada launch spaces for Black students
York University was featured in The Globe and Mail April 4.

Letters to the editor: ‘Thank God for foreign interference.’ U.S. pushes Canada to buy Arctic hangar, plus other letters to the editor
Mark Winfield, a professor in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University, was featured in The Globe and Mail April 5.

Should you schedule sex? We looked at whether spontaneous or unplanned sex is more satisfying
Katarina Kovacevic, a PhD student at the Sexual Health and Relationship Laboratory at York University, and Amy Muise, an associate professor of psychology at York, were cited in Phys.org April 5.

York lands top 10 spot in 17 subjects in QS rankings
Rhonda Lenton, the president and vice-chancellor of York University, was featured in Education News Canada April 6.

Sarah Mushtaq: Review into Canada Revenue Agency bias has let down Canadian Muslims
Faisal Bhabha, an associate professor at the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, was mentioned in the National Post April 6.

Ridgeway teen commits to York University after spending Grade 12B training at prep program
York University was featured in the Toronto Star April 5.

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