Schulich ExecEd redesigns certificate program for women leaders in media

Group of women professionals posed boldly in office setting, stock image

In conjunction with Women in Film and Television (WIFT), Schulich ExecEd recently introduced the revamped media leadership certificate program, which strives to uplift and empower women in the film and television industry by creating connections between peers.

Schulich ExecEd, Schulich School of Business faculty and WIFT have assembled a team of veteran leadership, business and management professionals to inspire students – particularly women – to develop into top leaders in their organizations. Industry experts and Schulich MBA faculty Trina McQueen and Lisa de Wilde worked with industry practitioners to create bespoke curricula for the program’s newest entrants, who began their certificates in March.

“The media leadership program has had a 20-year history of success, and this year for sure will make it 21,” said McQueen. “The combination of superb professors, longtime industry leaders and students who are already successful is a heady mix, and their work will enrich Canadian media.”

McQueen and de Wilde share a personal and professional passion for helping women, who are both aspiring and already established in their industry, to grow their careers and achieve professional goals.

“I am excited to work with this incredibly impressive cohort of women,” de Wilde added. “Over the next three months we will add some new powerful business tools to their toolkits, helping them to realize their creative dreams – and we will have some fun.”

WIFT represents the collective interests of women in the film and television industry. Their mission is to build and advance the careers of members by providing professional development and mentorship in collaboration with industry partners.

(from left to right): Carlo Sicoli, director of Business Development and Partnerships; Rosa Na, program manager; Megan Mitchell, instructor; Rami Mayer, executive director; Stefania Gargaro, program account manager; Sharon Wong, program coordinator; and Michael De Luca, project and operations manager; each at Schulich ExecEd.
(from left to right): Carlo Sicoli, director, business development and partnerships; Rosa Na, program manager; Megan Mitchell, program director; Rami Mayer, executive director; Stefania Gargaro, program account manager; Sharon Wong, program coordinator; and Michael De Luca, project and operations manager; each at Schulich ExecEd.

“With Canada’s own Sarah Polley [recently winning an Oscar] for best adapted screenplay for the movie Women Talking; Kathryn Bigelow, one of the most successful movie directors in the U.S.; as well as Shonda Rhimes, writer, producer and showrunner of some of the most popular TV shows, there’s no shortage of female talents and role models in all aspects of TV and film,” said Schulich ExecEd Executive Director Rami Mayer.

“This program, which we at Schulich ExecEd are so proud to deliver in partnership with WIFT, will help complement the sheer capability these women clearly possess with the necessary business acumen, peer support and mentorship to help build the self-belief and determination that is so key for women aspiring for success in this industry,” he continued.

In collaboration with WIFT Programming Director Laurie Januska, Schulich ExecEd has created a series of modules that will upskill and reskill WIFT leaders who seek to develop their business management skills in the areas of leadership, strategy, marketing, finance and emerging technologies. These skills translate directly back into the industries that participants work in or intend to transition into. Program participants come from a range of industry backgrounds, including marketing, media production, executive production, freelance filmmaking, production directing, producing and business affairs.

“WIFT Toronto is thrilled to be working with Schulich ExecEd and the Schulich School for Business in delivering our coveted media leadership program. Our selected participants are in for an incredible experience of learning and discussion with professionals in the fields of strategy, communications, and leadership, and so much more,” Januska said.

Across all Schulich ExecEd offerings is a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce, with programs like this one furthering the commitment to that focus. To learn more about this program and others offered by Schulich ExecEd, click here.