York faculty, staff and course instructors invited to engagement sessions for University’s new Well-being Strategy

Compass with needle pointing the word well-being. 3D illustration with blur effect. Concept of wellbeing or wellness

The University is hosting a series of online engagement sessions continuing throughout January and there is also an online survey that faculty, staff and course instructors can use to share input and feedback that will help shape the University’s new Well-being Strategy.

York faculty, staff and course instructors are invited to join any of the online engagement sessions offered until the end of January. The sessions have been ongoing since November 2022 and are focused on the development of a new Well-being Strategy for the University. There is also an online survey that staff, faculty and course instructors can use to provide feedback. The survey will be available until Jan. 31. While a series of engagement sessions were hosted for students late last year, students still have the option of completing the student survey, which will remain open until Jan 31.

The online engagement sessions and survey offer participants opportunities to share their input that will help shape a pan-University Well-being Strategy. All staff, faculty and course instructors are encouraged to provide their input, vision and recommended priorities for well-being on campus. The feedback will be used to create a draft Well-being Strategy that will be shared at a future date with the community for further review and feedback. All information collected will remain confidential and will not be linked to any individual person.