Intersectional Futures series returns to York with ‘Periphery – Resilience and Power on the Margins’

Jewish person kneeling in prayer at a synagogue

The Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD) presents the second instalment of its Intersectional Futures speaker series on Jan. 18, from 5 to 7 p.m. in Curtis Lecture Hall L. SCLD, in partnership with Hillel York, will present a screening of the short film titled, Periphery, followed by a Q-and-A with the film’s director, Sara Yacobi-Harris.

Periphery is an evocative film about ethnic diversity in the Jewish community of Toronto, Canada. Through dance, poetry and personal narratives, 10 Jews of Black/African, Korean, Iraqi, Indian and South American ancestry challenge perceptions of who is a Jew. Periphery invites us to appreciate the richness of Jewish identity and cultural expression while illustrating the feeling of grappling to belong. Join us as we dive deep into intersectional experiences in Jewish communities in Canada and explore racism and antisemitism as they unfold in our societies today.

Yacobi-Harris is non-profit organizer, educator and multimedia artist. She has instructed at Toronto Metropolitan University, worked for CBC in writing and managerial roles, and has contributed to news outlets such as Times of Israel, BlogTO and more. Her foundation, No Silence on Race, is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the diversity of experiences amongst Canada’s Jewish people of colour.

About Intersectional Futures

Intersectional Futures a speaker series featuring: Perihpery - Resilience and Power on the Margins with Sara Yacobi-Harris

The Intersectional Futures speaker series is intended to be an ongoing dialogue around lived experiences, as well as an exploration of intersectional relationships with ourselves, with one another and with the land on which we reside. Participants examine diverse kinds of stories so that a sense of belonging becomes accessible to all. The first speaker to participate in the series was Jack Saddleback, hosted in collaboration with the Centre for Indigenous Student Services and the Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion.

“The series was sparked by, and evolved out of, a need to address the ways in which we are psycho-socialized to be intolerant of each other’s differences in the face of normalized divisiveness and hate,” said SCLD Student Leadership & Development Coordinator Urshian Khalid. “Through storytelling and relationship building, Intersectional Futures seeks to build bridges and together, imagine and create an equitable future that allows for all people to be honoured, for their stories to be told and their voices heard.”

“Intersectional Futures, and specifically showcasing the film Periphery, helps challenge assumptions about who folks imagine to be part of the Jewish community by highlighting our racial and ethnic diversity,” adds Hillel York Director Ruth Chitiz. “This makes our community feel seen and whole, and in doing so better integrates us into campus life. We hope folks can appreciate that there is no one way to be Jewish and look Jewish, and that it is this expansiveness that gives our community strength.”

Registration is required and admission is free. All students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend.