LA&PS summer study abroad applications now open

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The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) announces the full return of the Summer Study Abroad program, which offers nine courses that take students to Italy, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Ecuador, South Korea or Honduras.

Summer abroad courses have a combined format, with one to three weeks of class instruction at the Keele Campus and up to four weeks abroad with your classmates and professor in another country.

Applications are open now, click here to explore each of the nine classes and register for your chance to study abroad.

Simon Younan participated in the Greece: A Modern History (HIST 3357) course in Athens in 2022. He encourages everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to study in another country.

“Studying abroad in Greece was a once in a lifetime experience. It was amazing being able to briefly live in a country while studying its history first-hand,” said Younan. “Overall, it was an unforgettable opportunity that I highly recommend anyone take.”

The 2023 offerings come from departments across LA&PS and provide students with opportunities to study everything from dolphin communication in the Caribbean to the politics of youth and old age in South Korea.

Professor Cheryl Cowdy will be offering her course, Children’s Literature Research (CCY 3997), at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland this summer. “I’m thrilled to offer LA&PS students this unique opportunity to study and conduct research on children’s literature in Dublin, a UNESCO City of Literature” said Cowdy. “Trinity is a hub for children’s literature research in Ireland, and York students will have the opportunity to learn from faculty and researchers with internationally recognized expertise in the field.”

Anthropology Through the Visual (ANTH 2130) will give students a chance to explore Lisbon, Portugal though public art. “Exploring the visual life of Lisbon is inspiring and rewarding. The tiled walls, graffiti, wall murals, and public art allow students to take many journeys,” says Professor Zulfikar Hirji. “The course provides students an opportunity to study the contexts of these works up close in a multi-sensory way, meet and work with the artists and activists who are producing them, and express their thoughts and ideas in critical and creative ways.”

Professor Adriano Solis, course director for Supply Chain Management: Theory and Practice I & II (ADMS 4335 & 4336), will give students an opportunity to understand supply chain management (SCM) by touring plants and facilities in the GTA and Calabria, Italy. “These tours will provide students with indubitably superior insights with respect to SCM in practice. Furthermore, with the dual course locations in the summer abroad 2023 offering, students will also have the opportunity to compare SCM practices in two different countries.”

The other summer abroad courses available in 2023 are Acquiring Research Skills (ANTH 3112) in Athens, Greece; Italian Medieval and Renaissance Civilization (IT 3761) in Florence, Italy; and Intermediate Spanish Abroad (SP 2020) in Quito, Ecuador.

Interested students are encouraged to learn more about the available Summer 2023 courses by attending a study abroad information session. Applications for all courses are now open, and the deadline to apply is Feb. 8, at 11:59 pm. Anyone with questions is welcome to connect with the Study Abroad Coordinator by emailing: