Detransition symposium to compare lived experiences with research

Trans pride flag sidewalk chalk

The School of Social Work at York University invites all who can attend to the event “Detransition: Connecting research, practice, and lived experiences” on Nov. 21.

This all-day, in-person symposium is intended for researchers, program developers, clinicians, those with the lived experience of detransitioning, and their friends and family.

Kinnon R. MacKinnon, assistant professor at the School of Social Work

Organized by Kinnon R. MacKinnon, assistant professor of social work research and leader of Re/DeTrans Canada, the event will showcase the latest research on detransitioning from Annie Pullen Sansfacon, professor of social sciences at the University of Montreal, as well as feature presentations by individuals experiencing detransitioning and by medical professionals working in gender affirming care.

The symposium’s keynote speaker – Françoise Susset – is a clinical psychologist, couples and family therapist at the Meraki Health Centre, a professor at McGill University, and the co-founder of The Institute for Sexual Minority Health.

Live French and English interpretation will be included with each presentation.

Lunch will be provided during the afternoon break.

Tickets for this event are now fully booked, click here to check if more seats become available.