Black Star Collective Gala supports York’s Ghanaian PhD candidates

Med Student / doctor / nurse holding heart-shaped stethoscope

The Black Star Gala, organized by a collective of Toronto-based philanthropists of African descent, will help fund scholarships for York University’s Ghanaian nursing PhD candidates. The event takes place Nov. 18.

York’s ASCEND program will be showcased on the gala’s red carpet for the benefit of West Africa’s future leaders in doctoral nursing education.

ASCEND stands for “Advancing Scholarship and Capacity for Emerging Nursing Doctorates” and is a transformational partnership between York University and the University for Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) in Ghana. ASCEND helps expand the capacity, quality and scope of nursing education programs in both Ghana and Canada, thereby enabling the advancement of prospective nursing scholars. 

Faculty from UHAS will earn their nursing PhD at York University, then – following their doctoral courses – develop and lead nursing-related research programs in Ghana, pursuing sustainable approaches to strengthen both higher education and health systems in West Africa. This partnership helps ensure nursing faculty at UHAS have the advanced credentials and experience needed to enhance the education of the more than 300 nurses and midwives graduating from their programs each year.

York’s ASCEND program is a global partnership focusing on good health and well-being, bringing Ghanaian and Canadian communities together to address the challenges and changing demands for nursing services globally.

The Black Star Collective recognizes the profound impact that the ASCEND program will have for the health of Ghanaians for many years to come. The group celebrates Ghanaian identity and culture within the African diaspora of Toronto by unifying all its members towards a common purpose to elevate the quality of life in Ghana.

The Black Star Gala, of which York University was named this year’s beneficiary, begins Nov. 18 at 5 p.m. at the Mississauga Convention Centre.

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