Community feedback informs new support resources for invoice submission

Laptop with a pen

In May 2022, York University launched a new process for non-purchase order (PO) invoices to reduce effort for purchasers and ensure vendors are paid faster. Now, based on community feedback, more support resources are available to make the transition to the new process easier.

The new process eliminates responsibility for purchasers to complete a hard-copy payment requisition form, and instead requires vendors to send all invoices directly to accounts payable (AP). Once received, AP processes the non-PO invoice in Sm@rtBuy where it is electronically routed to the relevant department/faculty for review and approval prior to payment. PO invoices continue to be processed as usual.

The first few months of invoice tracking data revealed that many invoices received from vendors are missing key data, creating additional work to gather outstanding information or interpret unclear invoices, ultimately delaying payment to vendors. Identifying an opportunity for improvement, the Service Excellence Program (SEP) consulted with purchasers to determine what additional supports would be helpful as they navigate this new process.

As a result of this feedback, SEP has created a summary of the invoice submission process and required invoice information, as well as customized checklists for key invoice details. These checklists include the data that is most often incorrect or missing from invoices that have been submitted since the launch of the new non-PO process. These new resources are designed to support the transition and ensure purchasers and vendors are receiving the intended benefits from the new non-PO process.

Purchasers are encouraged to bookmark the summary page and print out their respective checklist for easy reference when coordinating with vendors or making a purchase. Any inquiries about the status of an invoice or payment should be directed to AP at to facilitate timely follow-up.

More information about the non-PO process can be found in this bulletin on the Finance website.