Finding Home workshop offers insight into poverty, homelessness

York Cares United Way Campaign

As York staff, faculty and instructors continue to work together to raise $150,000 for the United Way Greater Toronto as part of the York Cares United Way Campaign, community members are encouraged to challenge their perspective on housing in the GTA.

A man sitting on a cot in a shelter
The York Cares United Way Campaign supports local agencies that help those living in poverty. (Photo courtesy of United Way)

As demand for accessible housing outpaces supply, GTA’s homelessness crisis has worsened over the years. In 2018, combined figures for Toronto, Peel and York regions found that 10,026 people were using shelters, 24-hour respite services or living outdoors. Often, homelessness is a result of inadequate access to jobs, childcare, transit, social sector supports, the type and quality of available housing, social capital and more.  

Join the United Way of Greater Toronto for its Finding Home workshop on Nov. 23 from noon to 1 p.m. when a facilitator will guide participants through an activity that reflects the challenges of finding secure housing in the GTA on a limited budget. This activity offers participants the opportunity to experience the frustration of navigating the housing market on a low income.

Join the workshop through this Zoom link:

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