LA&PS announces recipients of Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Three people looking at a laptop screen

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) has announced the recipients of its Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, and will award selected individuals with a funded, one-year postdoctoral research position.

The program, now in its third year, supports postdoctoral training and awards $50,000 to each recipient to conduct their proposed reserach project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor.

“Many of our faculty have held postdoctoral fellowships prior to their appointment as full-time. It is usually a period where junior researchers begin to develop more fully independent research programs and to move from their doctoral projects to a wider range of research interests and activities” said Ravi de Costa, associate dean research and graduate in LA&PS. 

“It is a time where they can concentrate on their research, with few obligations to teach or to do academic service. It really is a very valuable time and we have been exceptionally lucky with the quality of Fellows we have been able to attract to the Faculty.” 

The current postdoctoral Fellows are: 

Teddy Atim, who holds a PhD from Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands. Atim is supervised by Professor Annie Bunting from the Department of Social Science and her project is titled “The legacies for wartime sexual violence in northern Uganda: Social reintegration of women survivors and children born of war in northern Uganda.” 

Patrick Owuor, who completed his PhD from the Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University, Illinois. Owour is working with Professor Denielle Elliot from the Department of Social Science on the project titled “An ethnographic study of human bio-banking in clinical trials in Eastern Africa.”  

Kael Reid, who is an instructor in Children, Childhood & Youth Studies at York University, Faculty of LA&PS. Reid also holds a PhD from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She is supervised by Professor Andrea Emberly from the Department of Humanities. Reid’s project is titled “Teaching my Story in my Voice.”

Alicia Christina Edwards, who received a PhD in gothic studies from Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester U.K. Edwards is supervised by Professor Markus Reisenleitner from the Department of Humanities. Her project is titled “Re-locating Canada’s Black Canadian Geographies and Heritage through Folk Monsters, Hauntings, Legend, and Horror.” 

Blair Fix, who holds a PhD in environmental studies from York University. Dr. Fix is working with Professor Jonathan Nitzan from the Department of Politics. His project title is “Does Hierarchy Drive Income Inequality?” 

Gerson Scheidweiler, who holds a PhD in communication from the University of Brasilia. Scheidweiler is supervised by Professor Yvonne Su from the Department of Equity Studies. The project is titled “Gendering Migration Policies: An Intersectional Response to Venezuelan Women Refugees in Brazil.”

LA&PS postdoctoral Fellows are a vital part of York University’s research community and make critical contributions to York’s strategic priorities and its goal of research intensification. The fellowship opportunity will help them demonstrate their status as emerging research leaders in their fields through the impact they have on York’s research centres and programs, and on national and international academic communities.