Lassonde launches new strategic academic plan microsite

Bergeron Pond and the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence at York University's Keele Campus

The microsite gives visitors an opportunity to explore and interact with the Lassonde School of Engineering’s vision for the future. It introduces the school’s Strategic Academic Plan for 2021-2026.

The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University recently introduced its Strategic Academic Plan (SAP) for 2021-26 with a new microsite. First approved by Lassonde’s Faculty Council in October 2021, the SAP was developed through collective self-reflection.

“The SAP sets the stage for new initiatives designed to foster a positive learning and working culture, guided by our shared values as creative changemakers,” says Jane Goodyer, dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering. “We believe it’s important to communicate a clear, compelling vision, which others can then articulate.”

Jane Goodyer (2022 image)
Jane Goodyer

The plan has been brought to life through a dynamic website where the community and stakeholders can see themselves and better relate to Lassonde’s purpose, values and strategic themes. The call to action, particularly for members of the Lassonde community, is to embrace, project and contribute to fulfilling the SAP’s purpose, values and strategic themes to further school in the present and future.

As visitors browse the site, they can see successes highlighted through stories. Each story has a connection to one of Lassonde’s strategic themes and many address one (or more) of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), as indicated by the icons attached to each story. These stories are dynamic and continuously updated with the most recent accomplishments from across the School.

“The new SAP site provides a great culmination of the academic and research achievements occurring across Lassonde, including the activities in which our incredible students, faculty and staff are engaged,” says Pamela Edgecombe, director, strategic policy and planning at Lassonde. “Sharing current and timely stories about the impact of our work and how it intersects with our community and society in relation to the UN SDGs, allows for reflection and action in real-time as we innovate for tomorrow.”

Visitors to the microsite will immediately see some familiar elements – including shapes that mirror those of the Bergeron Centre windows, which are one of the engineering school building’s unique architectural features – the shapes provide a recurring visual metaphor throughout the microsite. The wireframe animation of the windows, overlaid across images of Lassonde’s community, visually signifies the growth, curiosity and potential in the SAP. Through a thoughtful development process, the interface design not only highlights the importance and sophistication of the SAP, but also an exuberance for the future of where Lassonde is going.

A key feature of the microsite includes an open form for visitors to provide feedback on the SAP and other topics of engagement, along with interactive polls that encourage visitors to consider and reflect on various initiatives and ideas.

York University community members are invited to explore the microsite and offer their contributions toward Lassonde’s vision for the future.