REI launches new REDDI series for staff, students, faculty

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York University’s Centre for Human Rights Equity and Inclusion will launch an updated REDDI (Respect, Equity, Diversity, Decolonization and Inclusion) series beginning Sept. 22.

promo poster for the REDDI series

Students, staff and faculty are invited to partake in one or all of the core series workshops developed to build skills and deepen understandings of the issues of equity and inclusion that define society today, or participate in one or more of the mini-series that focuses on specific identity-related issues with a deeper level of understanding. Course offerings have expanded significantly from last year and workshops will be offered virtually throughout the fall and winter. Certificates will be offered in both the core series as well as the issue-specific mini-series, and three (3) workshops will be offered in French. To find the full list of workshops, go to 2022-23 Fall/Winter Workshops – Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion (

To earn a REDDI certificate, participants may choose to engage in the more general stream “Addressing Discrimination Today” core series. These workshops are offered throughout the year and will prepare participants to respond to a wide variety of situations involving possible discrimination and rights infringement.

Participants interested in topics such as anti-racism, challenging ableism, preventing sex and gender harassment, or the intersections of creed-based discrimination, may take workshops within these issue-specific sessions and earn a mini-series certificate.

All sessions, both within the core and mini-series offerings, will draw from examples that acknowledge the complexities and nuances of identity, and by necessity will involve an intersectional approach. To earn a certificate, participants must complete three workshops. Please note that some workshops have prerequisites, and several are cross-posted to different series.

Registration is required and can be accessed through the YULearn platform Learning Opportunities.