Call for nominees to serve on Senate Tenure & Promotions Committee

Vari Hall

There is a critical need to fill vacancies on the committee, which supports the timely review of tenure and promotion applications.

The Senate Executive Committee is seeking nominees to serve on the Senate Tenure & Promotions Committee. There is a critical need to fill vacancies on the committee at this time.

Full-time, tenured faculty members are being asked to consider serving on the Senate committee to support the timely review of colleagues’ tenure and promotion applications. As the Senate Tenure & Promotions policy and procedures note, the conferring of tenure is one of the most important relationships between the University and the individual faculty member. The collegium’s participation in the process that facilitates candidates’ progression through adjudication and review sustains the critical function of the University.

Previous experience on either the Senate Tenure & Promotions Committee, a Faculty-level or a unit-level (department or school) committee is required; however, simultaneous membership on tenure and promotions committees at different levels is not permitted. It is important to take note of the meeting time of the Senate committee, which usually meets on the third Thursday of each month, September through June, from 3 to 5 p.m., unless otherwise indicated. The committee will be deciding the mode of delivery most suitable for it this year, which includes the possibility of continuing with virtual meetings.

Interested candidates are kindly asked to submit their intention through this form. Questions about any aspect of the nomination process or the committee itself may be addressed to Cheryl Underhill, University secretariat, by email to