IP Osgoode hosts its first ‘post-lockdown’ event, Aug. 31

Osgoode Hall Law School

IP Osgoode is hosting its first post-lockdown, in-person event on Aug. 31. The event is also the first installment of the IP Osgoode Speaks Series since 2020. The live presentation will start at 1 p.m. and will take place in room 2010, Osgoode Hall Law School Building, Keele Campus.

Dan Bereskin
Dan Bereskin

Presenting this talk is Dan Bereskin, founding partner of Bereskin & Parr LLP. He serves as a mediator and arbitrator for a variety of intellectual property disputes. Bereskin will speak about “Balancing Freedom of Expression, Copyright and Trademark Rights: Art or Science?”

The scope of copyright and trademark rights has expanded judicially for decades. A direct consequence of this expansion are the court decisions that have an adverse impact on freedom of expression guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such expansion has encouraged some copyright and trademark owners to become overly aggressive in enforcing their rights when the case for infringement is weak and damage to their rights is fanciful. This said, there are many wily thieves who repeatedly prey on such rights and they deserve all the sanctions the law provides. The issue is how to balance these disparate rights. In this lecture, Bereskin will discuss how balance can be achieved, either judicially, by remedial legislation, or both.

Refreshments will be provided, admission is free, and registration is recommended (walk-ins are welcome but space is limited).