York U in the news: planets, Shopify stakeholders and unilingual judges

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You can see five planets aligned in the sky this month
Assistant Professor Elaina Hyde was quoted in CTV News June 7.

Shopify shareholders grant CEO Tobias Lutke 40% voting stake, approve 10-for-1 stock split
Professor Richard Leblanc was quoted in The Globe and Mail June 7.

‘Founder’ share for shopify’s CEO lutke; Governance; Shareholders approve
Professor Richard Leblanc was quoted in National Post June 8.

It will be very hard for minority shareholders to push back against Shopify’s Founder Share: Expert
Professor Richard Leblanc spoke to BNN Bloomberg June 7.

Debunking the myth: Unilingual judges more competent than bilingual | Agnès Whitfield
Professor Agnès Whitfield contributed to The Lawyer’s Daily June 6.