Improvements, increased capacity at York University Co-operative Daycare Centre

Children in a classroom

York University’s Co-operative Daycare Centre (YUCDC) has implemented changes and improvements to make it more affordable, accessible and inclusive with support from the federal and provincial governments.

Since 1976, YUCDC has cared for the children of York’s greater community, with 80 per cent of YUCDC children from families of York students, staff and faculty.

With a growing demand for childcare spaces, YUCDC has increased the number of children it can accommodate by adding an additional Toddler and Preschool Program. By this fall, enrollment capacity increase from 119 to 158.   

Additionally, YUCDC has procured more than $800,000 in grants after working with the support of York University and YUCDC governing partners in the city and province. The funds were used to modernize the indoor play and learning spaces and facilities. With a fresh new look, the Centre is becoming more accessible and inclusive with enriched learning opportunities.  

Playground renovations at York University Co-operative Daycare Centre
Playground renovations at York University Co-operative Daycare Centre will provide outdoor playscapes that connect the children to nature

The Centre is dedicated to continuing these improvements, and aligning with the federal government’s Canada Wide Early Learning Childcare System that “envisions an inclusion plan that supports childcare access for low-income children, vulnerable children, children from diverse communities, children with special needs, and Francophones and Indigenous children.” Consistent with this vision, YUCDC will line its halls with colourful murals highlighting the diversity of this community, enabling children in the Centre’s care to see reflections of diverse cultures.

Renovations to the interior of YUCDC are almost complete, and the Centre is currently working with York University’s Planning, Design and Construction team to revitalize the outdoor play spaces. As part of this project, an Indigenous landscape architect has been hired to plan, design and construct outdoor play spaces that will reflect Indigenous cultures and values. This new playscape seeks to be a physical and spiritual reminder of, and appreciation for, the original peoples of this land and country.

Visit the Centre to see some of the upgrades and improvements YUCDC has made to create positive change. For more information, contact YUCDC Executive Director Mabel Davis at