New website aims to support York community well-being

Photo by Donatello Trisolino from Pexels

As part of a new pan-University approach to promoting positive well-being among all community members, York has launched a new Well-Being at York website focused on sharing community resources and providing details on the work happening to develop a new well-being strategy.

York University’s Mental Health Strategy, which was released in 2015, is being re-imagined with the broader focus and more holistic approach of a new well-being strategy. Part of this evolved strategy is to understand the current needs and priorities of the York community and apply a pan-University approach to address well-being across our campuses.

The new Well-Being at York website, which replaces York’s previous Mental Health Strategy website, has undergone a major refresh to shift towards supporting the overall well-being of the York community. The site also improves the user experience and shares details on efforts to create the new well-being strategy.

Key features of York’s new Well-Being at York website:

  • A more comprehensive list of well-being resources.
  • Updated Contact Us page with a new feedback form that gives staff, students, faculty and instructors the ability to connect to the appropriate well-being supports, contact strategy leads, and get their general well-being questions answered.
  • Details on the well-being strategy phases, goals and structure.
  • History of well-being at York including the evolution from the Mental Health Strategy.
  • A new Get Involved section to keep the community up to date on engagement opportunities and events. Future information coming about community engagement sessions, student well-being advisory team, and the annual Bell Let’s Talk Event planning.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Modern look and feel aligned with the new brand strategy.

The website will be updated regularly as the work to create the well-being strategy evolves. Community members are encouraged to visit the website and direct any questions to the strategy leads on the Contact Us webpage.