Faculty, students, administrators encouraged to share York experiences in ‘Maclean’s’ survey

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Maclean’s magazine’s Reputational and Student Surveys are now available to York undergraduate students, faculty and senior administrators. The surveys will be available until September 2022.

Each year, thousands of prospective university students and their parents turn to Maclean’s annual University Rankings for information to help them select a university that suits their needs.

The Maclean’s University Rankings is a comprehensive publication that classifies each Canadian university on a broad range of criteria with responses and data gathered from two annual surveys. The Canadian news magazine conducts the surveys to gather the opinions of university faculty and senior administrators, undergraduate students and businesspeople from across Canada. The rankings are the most influential within Canada for students, employers and others considering Canadian universities.

The 2023 Reputational Survey is now available for qualified faculty and senior administrators to complete and will be open until September 2022. The rankings factor in responses from the 2023 Student Survey, which will also be available until September 2022. It polls undergraduate students about their university experience and satisfaction with teaching and learning, mental health services, sexual violence prevention, academic advising, student and residence life.

The Maclean’s Reputational Survey for Faculty (English version) is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MacleansAcademicSurvey202202.

The French-language version of the Reputational Survey is available at: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/MacleansSondageEnseignant202202.

The Maclean’s Student Survey (English version) is available at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MacleansStudents202202.

The French-language version of the Student Survey is available at: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/MacleansEtudiants202201.

Lisa Philipps
Lisa Philipps

“The Maclean’s University Rankings is an important guide for prospective students who are deciding on where to attend university, and for others looking to assess potential future employees or university partners. It also provides important feedback to the University on what we are known for doing well and where there is room for future reputational improvement. I encourage faculty and senior administrators to complete the Reputational Survey to help highlight the groundbreaking work the University is doing and the clear advantages to choosing York,” says Lisa Philipps, provost and vice-president academic.

Individuals are drawn to York University because they are inspired to drive positive change. York University is taking bold steps to right the future:

  • York University is among the world’s top 35 institutions for global leadership on advancing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, strengthening its position as a leader in creating a sustainable and inclusive world.
  • York University is challenging anti-Black racism with action. Earlier this year, the University released its inaugural Annual Report on Black Inclusion, providing an overview of more than 300 events, workshops and initiatives taking place at York since the release of the two guiding documents: the Addressing Anti-Black Racism: A Framework on Black Inclusion and the accompanying Action Plan on Black Inclusion.
  • Through its effort to secure a new School of Medicine, York University is focusing on training family and other primary care doctors in an integrated setting with other health disciplines.
  • This spring, York University announced its list of Top 30 Alumni Under 30 – a remarkable group of civically engaged young leaders tackling complex societal challenges in their career and life paths. The list includes author Kaleb Dahlgren and Olympian Melissa Humana-Paredes.
Amir Asif
Amir Asif

“York’s scholars and researchers are pioneering new ideas and discoveries that are not only enhancing the reputation of our institution but will have a positive change on the communities we serve,” says Amir Asif, vice-president, research and innovation. “York is home to Canada’s brightest minds in mathematical modelling for COVID-19, and in fact, our researchers have been instrumental in collaborating with national and international leaders to advise on the trajectory of COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and other parts of the world, including Africa. This will continue to be incredibly important for managing future pandemics and health crises.”

From a research perspective, York University has much to be proud of:

  • The University has received international notice for its prowess and expertise in space technology research. York has supported 10 international space missions to date and offers the only space engineering graduate and undergraduate program of its kind in Canada. Space science researchers are unravelling the mysteries of the universe with the development of innovative technologies and equipment that will further enhance space exploration and new planet discoveries.
  • York researchers in vision science are making groundbreaking discoveries in the areas of depth perception, vision disparity and visual processing.
  • In COVID-19 and mathematical modeling publications, York University researchers rank first, second and third in Canada for their innovative work, according to SciVal 2020-2021.
  • The University’s School of Kinesiology and Health Science is ranked 22nd in the world in the recently released 2021 Shanghai World ranking in the Sport Science Schools and Departments Category making it the fifth consecutive year York has been in the top 25 globally.
  • Interdisciplinary researchers from across the University are addressing major global health and societal challenges, including antimicrobial resistance, which poses a huge threat to human health and the use of artificial intelligence to diagnose, treat and predict diseases.

More about York University’s results in the 2022 Maclean’s University Rankings

In the Maclean’s 2022 University Rankings released in the Fall of 2021, York University was well recognized for advancing its vision to provide a high-quality education at a research-intensive university informed by a clear set of core values. The rankings highlight solid progress in several major areas, including an impressive sixth place ranking against all other comprehensive universities in Canada for the second consecutive year.

York’s rankings were also up in key priority areas, including the national Reputation category, where the University climbed two spots to 18 out of 49. The Reputation score is comprised of the following three categories, and York showed improvements over the last year in all of them:

  • 13 out of 49 in the Leaders of Tomorrow category (up three spots).
  • 17 out of 49 for Highest Quality (up five spots); and
  • 20 out of 49 for Most Innovative (up one spot).

The University community is tackling complex global issues and preparing students for long-term success. This commitment is reflected in the Student Satisfaction section (Comprehensive University category), where there were noteworthy achievements in the 2022 rankings, with York up two spots in the Mental Health Services category, up three spots in Promoting Indigenous Identity and up five spots in Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault.