Schulich collaborates on skills development program for newcomer women

International Women's Day

A Skills Development Fund grant from the provincial government will support women impacted by COVID-19 by supporting the development of a new project at the Working Women Community Centre, in partnership with Rexdale Women’s Centre and Schulich Executive Education Centre (Schulich ExecEd) at York University.

The grant of $711,421, announced in April, will fund the Digital-Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women project, a new initiative that aims to prepare recent newcomer women job seekers, and incumbent workers, that have been disproportionally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to enter, or re-enter, the Canadian workforce.

The project will provide training in core digital competencies and project management skills which will be designed and offered by Schulich ExecEd.

“This project presents an exciting opportunity to work in partnership with York University’s Schulich Executive Education Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre to provide the type of training that will give newcomer and immigrant women access and opportunity for sustainable employment,” said Marcie Ponte, executive director of the Working Women Community Centre. “It is a unique opportunity certain to make a valuable impact on these women, and in turn a positive one on the community at large.”

Schulich ExecEd helps organizations equip their workforce with the skills necessary to advance their careers and thrive in today’s economy, said Rami May, executive director of Schulich Executive Education Centre. These highly transferable and recognized credentials will immediately improve employability for the women by providing them with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s workforce.

“We also help to foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace culture with a strong emphasis on promoting and developing equity deserving groups, such as newcomer women,” said Mayer. “We are incredibly proud to partner with the Working Women Community Centre and the Rexdale Women’s Centre in developing and offering the Digital-Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer women as they transition into the job market and develop a successful career in our community. We are confident that together we can provide the right tools and skills to help a historically underrepresented group in the Canadian labour force to kick start their Canadian careers and thrive in our economy.”

All participants in this program will receive educational certification from Schulich ExecEd and will be engaged in additional employment supports, specifically designed to teach the practical job readiness skills required to navigate the workplace with success, offered by Rexdale Women’s Centre.

“For many women newcomer women and women from racialized communities with foreign credentials, obtaining gainful employment can be elusive. This group of women may need assistance in setting realistic and achievable plans, says Fatima Filippi, executive director, Rexdale Women’s Centre. “Through the Digital-Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women project, Rexdale Women’s Centre will work to help women identify strengths and address challenges they may face when entering or re-entering the workforce.”

The Digital-Age Project Management Skills for Newcomer Women program is set to launch in August of 2022 and will look to successfully graduate 80 newcomer women.