Welcome to the May 2022 issue of Innovatus

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Will Gage
Will Gage

Welcome to our final issue of “Innovatus” for the 2021-22 academic year. Throughout the year, we’ve brought you informative stories from across the Faculties which all have something important in common – they continue to innovate and strive to provide students with the best possible learning experience.

In this issue, we do the same, although we aren’t focusing on an individual Faculty. Instead, we’re presenting an eclectic mix of opportunities that faculty members are providing so that, ultimately, their students can have a richer course experience. We’ll be taking a look at the new Master of Science in Management Practice where the course directors bring data analysts and others with relevant career experience to their class; at a simulation that gives students a first-hand understanding of risk management in insurance; at a globally networked learning project that linked stage design classes in Canada and Australia; and at a professor who created her own virtual simulation games to provide clinical experience to nursing students whose placements were cancelled due to the pandemic. In addition, we have a feature story on hyflex classes and the people behind the scenes who are bringing the hyflex option to life at York University.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s journey through the innovative world of teaching and learning. Perhaps the “Innovatus” stories this year have inspired you to try new ideas or approaches in your own courses.

If you’re innovating in your courses, I’d love to hear from you. “Innovatus” is all about spreading the word about exciting new ideas in the field.

Meanwhile, wishing you a productive, yet relaxing summer. “Innovatus” will be back this fall with more food for thought.

Best regards,

Will Gage
Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning

Faculty, course directors and staff are invited to share their experiences in teaching, learning, internationalization and the student experience through the “Innovatus” story form, which is available at tl.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=16573.

In this issue

New graduate program uses experiential education as fuel to drive learning
In today’s data-driven world, there’s no need for students in the accounting stream of the new Master of Science in Management Practice program to sit and wonder what impact the degree will have on their careers.

Ensuring an understanding of insurance risk management
An innovative simulation requiring nine York business and economics student teams run their own insurance companies over four condensed quarters provided real-world experiential learning and taught students the value of putting theory into action.

Designing across hemispheres – sustainably
Is sustainable design done differently down under? A York professor’s Ecological Design students had a chance to find out this year, thanks to a globally networked learning (GNL) collaboration with two Australian universities.

Nursing professor turns director during pandemic
A York University assistant professor of nursing merges her knowledge of nursing with directing the development of video simulation games to provide students with the critical practical skills they were not able to get in person during the pandemic.

Success of hyflex pilot is a collaborative effort
Beginning in the Fall 2022 term, faculty members will be able to code their courses with “HYFX” to indicate hyflex mode, meaning that students can take the course either in person or remotely – or both, depending on the day’s demands on their schedules.