York U in the news: climate change, octopuses and affordable electricity

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We’re in ‘an existential battle for the survival of civilization on this planet and our governments continue to play small-beer politics’: McElroy
Professor Emeritus Tom McElroy contributed to The Hill Times April 18.

Climate-Change Risks Get the Attention of Real Estate Investors
Professor Jim Clayton was quoted in The New York Times April 19.

Family Background Has As Much Impact On Education Now As It Did 100 Years Ago
Professors Sophie von Stumm and Paul Wakeling were quoted in Forbes April 20.

1 in 5 Canadian workplaces have no safety programs for new workers, survey suggests
Professor Eric Tucker was quoted in CBC April 20.

Ontario appoints administrator to run Thunder Bay, Ont., police force for 2nd time in 4 years
Adjunct Professor Malcolm Mercer was quoted in CBC April 19.

Can octopuses and other invertebrates feel emotions?; ‘We’re at the time in the science where it’s really a tipping point, ‘researcher says
Professor Kristin Andrews was quoted in National Post April 20.

Clean, affordable electricity should be an issue in the Ontario election
Professors Mark Winfield and Colleen Kaiser were quoted in The Hamilton Spectator April 19.

‘Living with COVID-19’ must be more than an empty phrase: Individuals need tools to manage BA.2 and future waves
Professor Dasantila Golemi-Kotra contributed to Yahoo! News Canada April 19.

CBC 99.9 FM (CBCS)
Adjunct Professor Malcolm Mercer spoke to CBC 99.9 FM April 19.