York U in the news: body image, Indigenous perspectives and flooding

An image of a woman with a laptop that shows the YFile website

How these men are overcoming social media-fuelled body image, mental health challenges
Associate Professor Jennifer Mills was quoted in Global News March 26.

Decolonizing your grown-up bookshelf
Assistant Professor Jessie Thistle was mentioned in Toronto Star March 25.

This 23-year-old McMaster student wants to see more Indigenous perspectives included in science
Professor Deborah McGregor was mentioned in CBC March 25.

One professor fired, others face discipline as universities enforce soon-to-expire vaccine mandates
York University was mentioned in Toronto Star March 25.

What is the future of housing in Ottawa?; First-time homebuyers frustrated as prices soar
Professor Emeritus George Fallis was quoted in Ottawa Citizen March 26.

Treating the trauma of racism; Psychologists are trying to address Canada’s ‘colour blind’ approach to mental health
York University was mentioned in Ottawa Citizen March 26.

Can This Accessible Online Program Replace In-Person Therapy?
Professor Henny Westra was quoted in Chatelaine March 25.

Study finds habitat flooding caused by climate change threatens vulnerable wood bison
Assistant Professor Joshua Thienpont was quoted in The Fulcrum March 27.

Polish generosity risks hardening anti-immigrant sentiments towards Ukrainian refugees in the long-term
Assistant Professor Yvonne Su contributed to Canadian Press March 25.

The Philippine Reporter is in good hands (and in good company in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library)
Professor Philip Kelly was quoted in The Philippine Reporter March 25.

Can’t Afford a House? Blame a Lack of Supply
Professor James McKellar was quoted in Morningstar March 28.

CTV 2 Alberta (CJAL) — Alberta Primetime
Assistant Professor Shama Rangwala spoke to CTV March 26.

The $15-million question: Will HWDSB keep Sherwood open?
Professor Richard Leblanc was quoted in Hamilton Spectator March 26.

VEZINA: Changing Canada’s energy sources is a big, risky deal
Course Director Alex Vezina contributed to Toronto Sun March 28.

Collaboratively tackling community challenges
Professor Jonathan Weiss was quoted in the Globe and Mail March 29.

4 tips for improving family wellness
Assistant Professor Heather Prime was quoted in the Globe and Mail March 29.

CTV Toronto — CTV Your Morning
York University student Khadija Omar spoke to CTV Toronto March 28.

Rock 107 (CJTN)
Professor Kristin Andrews spoke to rock 107 March 28.