York U in the news: homeless shelters, global peace and vacuuming DNA

An image of a woman with a laptop that shows the YFile website

City staff urge Toronto to close up to 5 temporary homeless shelters this year 
Faculty member A.J. Withers was quoted in CBC March 17.

Why are low-trust nations more prone to war? Building social trust is key to global peace 
Assistant Professor Cary Wu contributed to Toronto Star March 16.

Jewish and Metis academics discuss self-identification vs state-identification
Associate Professor David Koffman was quoted in Toronto Star March 16.

Meet the ecologist who’s vacuuming DNA ‘out of the sky’
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Clare was featured in University Affairs March 16.

CBC Morning Live with Heather Hiscox 
Associate Professor Dennis Pilon spoke to CBC Toronto March 18.