York U in the news: house prices, office life and more

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‘Why am I crying? I’m in Canada’: Georgina resident collecting medical supplies for Ukraine
Professor Jennifer Hyndman was quoted in Toronto Star March 15.

Local Owen Sound Master student to appear at the International Criminal Court
York University was mentioned in Saugeen Times March 15.

‘But nothing quite compares to coming home’: East Coast musicians feeling lure of the ocean after years chasing success in Toronto
York University was mentioned in SaltWire March 14.

A shortage of homes isn’t the main reason house prices keep rising
Professor Emeritus George Fallis contributed to The Globe and Mail March 14.

Argos release ratio-breaking offensive tackle Jamal Campbell ahead of off-season bonus
York University was mentioned in 3DownNation March 14.

BEYOND LOCAL: Who is seen as the ‘ideal’ refugee?
Assistant Professor Yvonne Su contributed to ThoroldToday.ca March 13.

5 Black artists you have to hear
York University alumnus Owen (O’Sound) Lee was featured in CBC March 13.

Friction over the return to work is settling on a hated aspect of office life: getting there
Associate Professor Souha Ezzedeen was quoted in Toronto Star March 13.

Is a four-day work week coming to an office near you? For some it already has, and both employers and workers are reaping the rewards
York University was mentioned in Toronto Star March 11.

Next Tory Leader? Leslyn Lewis Came Close Last Time
York University was mentioned in The Tyee March 14.

Carolyne Topdjian presents debut thriller, The Hitman’s Daughter
York University alumna Carolyne Topdjian was featured in The Armenian Weekly March 13.

Students at a Toronto high school found using racist, misogynistic language on Snapchat
Professor Carl James was quoted in CBC March 12.

Students from across GTA protest at Russian Consulate in support of Ukraine
York University student Yulya Korchyna was quoted in CBC March 12.

‘I’m very worried’: Former international students raising money to help Ukrainians studying in Ontario
York University student Danila Shapovalov was quoted in CTV News Toronto March 11.

Ontario Invests in Cutting-Edge Space and Robotics Technologies in Brampton
York University was mentioned in Ontario.ca March 10.

We need to pay attention to the experiences of children in Ukraine during the Russian invasion
Associate Professor Aparna Mishra Tarc contributed to National Post March 10.