York launches survey to examine services that support teaching and research

image shows a class in the Curtis Lecture hall

The University will be conducting part one of the Service Effectiveness Survey in the coming weeks and the data collected will help York understand the services and activities that support teaching and research in alignment with its academic mission.

All full-time faculty and CPM staff at the University will be invited to participate, and while this is usually a two-part survey, only part one will be conducted between March 21 and April 1.

The survey will take 20 minutes to complete and staff and faculty will be asked questions related to 10 core service areas that touch on 65 individual services. The Service Effectiveness Survey-Part 1 will provide a closer look at the satisfaction levels of both service providers and end-users to help make informed decisions on improvements. Results will be used in collaboration with information from data collected over the past year that has informed process re-design and continuous improvement efforts.

To ensure confidentiality, the survey is being conducted and administered by a third party. Those invited to participate, will receive an email directly from the executive sponsors.

If you have any questions about Project Benchmark or the survey, please contact Richard Silva, program director, by email at benchmark@yorku.ca.

For more information about the survey or about Project Benchmark, please visit the yu link site.