Connection Across Communities event celebrates the resilience of women

MacGregor, is a lawyer, co-founder, and executive director of the Women’s Centre for Social Justice, known as WomenatthecentrE, a non-profit organization created by and for women survivors of gender-based violence globally that ensures policies and practice are responsive to survivors’ needs through social justice and activism. In 2006, she was selected by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario as one of 13 experts tasked to review the range of services provided to women and children in the province, identify gaps and make recommendations. In June, 2016, she was appointed by the Canadian government to the Advisory Council on the Federal Strategy Against Gender-Based Violence.

Nader is a former reporter for The New York Times in Afghanistan. She is a contributing reporter for the Fuller Project, a non-profit newsroom dedicated to women’s stories. Nader has worked as a journalist for almost seven years in Kabul, working for local and international media. She has been published in the Times magazine, The Guardian, the Foreign Policy Magazine, ABC News, Deutsche Welle, Huffington Post, BBC Persian and Open Canada. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies at York University.