Multimedia Language Centre launches Language Learning Workshop Series 

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The Multimedia Language Centre (MLC) launched the Language Learning Workshop Series online, with a focus on making language learning easier and faster while bringing students and professors closer to York University’s language learning community.   

The inaugural workshop, “Tips and Tricks to Become a Successful Language Learner,” was hosted by Christiane Dumont, associate professor in the Department of French Studies at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; and York University Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law student Khadeja Elsibai, who completed a 2000-level oral communication course with Dumont. 

More than 30 students and faculty attended the online event. Dumont discussed her beliefs on the value of post-secondary language learning, emphasizing that language is a form of communication and interaction and how language learning is a holistic process of learning the culture of a language. Dumont led attendees of the workshop to view the significance of building a language-learning network, and the importance of valuing one’s best skills and transferring those qualities to learn a new language. Elsibai shared her effective strategies, tips and tricks in language learning and provided a student perspective on how to use textbooks and knowledge-based books effectively. Together, Dumont and Elsibai brainstormed on co-curricular activities with the attendees of the workshop.

Through the interactive workshop, students and professors shared their thoughts and experiences about language learning. MLC’s Language Learning Workshop Series provides students with the opportunity to meet their peers and share their language learning experiences. For professors, the workshop provides a space to learn student perspectives on language learning and use this knowledge to inform their teaching.  

The MLC hosts online multimedia lessons for select language courses offered by the Department of Language, Literatures & Linguistics and the Department of French Studies. Access to the online courses can be found at the MLC or online with Passport York credentials.  

Learn more about the Language Learning Workshop Series by contacting the Multimedia Language Centre at The next MLC Language Learning Workshop will be hosted in March. More details will be posted on the MLC website