Schulich takes ‘School of the Year’ title at Jeux du Commerce Central

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For the first time, students from York University’s Schulich School of Business have won the coveted title at the 2022 Jeux du Commerce Central (JDCC), the largest undergraduate business school competition in Central Canada.

The event, which brings more than 600 student delegates together from Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes, is a multi-faceted competition that takes place over three days and includes case competitions for eight business disciplines, parliamentary-style debates, sports tournaments, social competitions and charity contributions.

Schulich’s JDCC delegates celebrate over Zoom
Schulich’s JDCC delegates celebrate over Zoom

A team of 52 undergraduate students from Schulich competed and delivered a groundbreaking performance with 17 podium finishes across categories such as debate, finance, and business strategy, in addition to the coveted School of the Year title.

Notably, the Schulich team outperformed in the competition’s charity division. The team came first in the Charity Consulting Project, volunteering over 1,000 hours and raising more than $2,500.

Schulich’s 2022 JDCC delegation was led by Co-Captains Nain Mehta and Nathan Corbett (BBA candidates ’22). Faculty Advisor Kevin Lyons (MBA ’99) coached the students.

“I can’t say enough about how hard the team worked this year, despite lockdowns and disruptions, to deliver an exemplary performance,” said Lyons. “Their efforts were supported by many alumni from years past making this win a shared victory across multiple generations of participants. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the positive culture for continuous improvement they promote. Congrats again Team Schulich for an outstanding event.”

Below is an overview of the awards the Schulich student delegation won at the 2022 JDC Central competition:

  • School of the Year: first place
  • Academics Cup: first place
  • Accounting: third place (Jemin P., Nour N., Dhavani K.)
  • Business Strategy: second place (Jaimee S., Kabir G., Neeha A.)
  • Digital Strategy: first place (Ananya K., Raul M., Haider Z.)
  • Entrepreneurship: second place (Nika N., Sarah H., Abdullah H.)
  • Finance: second place (Juan T., Benny L., Christina T.)
  • Human Resources: first place (Seongu K., Jace Z., Fion L.)
  • Marketing: second place (Chantelle Y., Rachel N., Minerva D.)
  • Charity Consulting Project: first place (Seongu K., Katherine L.)
  • Debate: third place (Alcuin D., Priyanka J., Anaum O., Michael D.)
  • E-Sports: (Ajmain Y., Arun U., Carlo C., Megan Q., Michael F., Rayan T.)
  • Rocket League: third place
  • Warzone: second place
  • Participation: third place
  • Social: second place (Anthony S., Ashlie D., Ibraheem S., Paola L.)