Dean’s letter: The Faculty of Science focuses on paving the way for impactful careers

Rui Wang

If the pandemic proved anything, it was that the Faculty of Science perseveres in challenging times to always fulfill our commitments to academic excellence, our students, and to ensuring the health and well-being of our community.

Over the last two years, it has been our utmost priority to make sure that even through a pandemic, we provide science students with a high-quality education and the knowledge, skills and credentials to successfully transition into rewarding and impactful careers. This will continue to be the cornerstone of our mission.

We have an exceptionally talented roster of faculty members and instructors dedicated to our students and their success, and many initiatives and projects to be proud of in the Faculty of Science that are building our excellence in teaching and learning. We are committed to delivering high-quality academic programs in high-demand fields that reflect the aspirations of our students and societal needs. For instance, innovative programming is coming to our new Markham Campus next year in the field of biotechnology. People across our Faculty are stepping up to create meaningful experiential education opportunities, such as virtual field courses and research exchange opportunities. We are also setting up our students for success before they arrive at York through our Summer Science Transition Program, and after they have begun their studies, through modules that enhance study and learning skills.

One of the most memorable milestones in teaching and learning excellence for the Faculty of Science last year was the establishment of a new Pedagogical Innovation Chair in Science Education. The Chair, held by Biology Professor Tamara Kelly, will spearhead pedagogical innovation using evidence-based and inclusive strategies, and work with faculty to provide students with exceptional learning opportunities and improved experiences.

Looking at everything we have accomplished in the last few years, and our plans moving forward, I feel optimistic for the futures of our students. It’s an exciting time for students to be joining the Faculty of Science and for those already here for this incredible journey.

Thank you,

Rui Wang,
Dean, Faculty of Science