Two new awards to benefit Black, Indigenous students at Schulich

Schulich School of Business

A new fund supporting Black and Indigenous students at York University’s Schulich School of Business aims to create more equitable and inclusive opportunities for promising young individuals from underrepresented communities.

The Schulich Real Property Alumni Association (SRPAA) and the Brookfield Centre in Real Estate and Infrastructure at the Schulich School of Business have established the SRPAA Leadership Fund for Black and Indigenous Communities. Supported by the SRPAA and alumni and friends of the Brookfield Centre, the fund will support two student awards, the SRPAA Leadership Award for Black Communities and the SRPAA Leadership Award for Indigenous Communities, each year.

The SRPAA received an overwhelming response from Schulich Real Estate alumni and friends and has announced that these awards are fully funded for the next four years.

“We are so grateful to our alumni, donors and volunteers who have come together to help make education more accessible to underrepresented students,” says Detlev Zwick, dean of the Schulich School of Business.

The SRPAA Leadership Awards will be awarded on an annual basis to incoming Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)/International Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA) students (one student identifying as Black and one student identifying as Indigenous) who have demonstrated leadership characteristics, resilience and community involvement. Preference will be granted to individuals with the greatest financial need. Each award is $7,500 and renewable for the student’s undergraduate career (up to $30,000 per student). The recipients will also be offered opportunities for mentoring and an internship. Student applications are currently being accepted.

For more information about the SRPAA Leadership Fund for Black and Indigenous Communities or to make a donation, visit