Markham students – submit your stories to the 7-generation initiative

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Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Professor José Etcheverry is leading York University’s engagement in a multi-stakeholder project seeking to re-examine community through intergenerational dialogue. The 7-Generation Markham initiative, “I Want Everything to be Normal Again,” is calling on Markham students, their parents and grandparents to share their stories at special events taking place Jan. 21 and 22.

José Etcheverry
José Etcheverry

These are uncertain times as the world is faced with a pandemic and a climate emergency. This project seeks to make new sense, to act in ways that create hope and actions that support personal, family and community well-being.

The 7-Generation initiative, starting in Markham, will expand globally. It is a community sense-making collaboration between York University, the City of Markham, Markham Public Library, Social Services Network, and the Legacy Project. Whether you are a student, a parent, an older adult, or of any age, bring your curiosity and check out 7-Generation Markham. Separate events are taking place on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

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