York U in the news: service-oriented jobs, Omicron and more

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Where have all the good jobs gone? High demand for service-oriented jobs while manufacturing jobs fade
York University Associate Professor Steven Tufts was quoted in Toronto Star Dec. 13.

‘Designed with business owners in mind’: Aurora responds to pandemic’s impact on labour market
York University was mentioned in Toronto Star Dec. 13.

Africa-China Relations Could Serve as Bulwark against Imperialist Hegemony
York University Associate Professor Pablo Idahosa was mentioned in News Ghana Dec. 13.

Canada’s most durable prime minister was cut from a different cloth
York University was mentioned in Troy Media Dec. 12.

Voluntourism and Canadian Imperialism /w Shreya Ghimire
York University student Shreya Ghimire was featured in Socialist Project Dec. 12.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Dating, Marriages and Relationships
York University was mentioned in Wall Street Journal Dec. 11.

New management certification available to UCW MBA students
York University was mentioned in Philippines Canadian Inquirer Dec. 11.

As Omicron reveals itself, Canada’s scientists scramble to predict its impact on at-risk populations
York University Professor Jane Heffernan was quoted in The Globe and Mail Dec. 10.

Children ages 5 to 11 are getting COVID-19 vaccinations: What this might mean for the holidays and the Omicron variant
York University Associate Professor Dasantila Golemi-Kotra and Professor Jianhong Wu contributed to National Post Dec. 10.

When it comes to sustainable goal setting, be careful what you communicate
York University Research Associate Calvin Lakhan was featured in Packaging Europe Dec. 10.

Western Honey Bees Most Likely Originated in Asia, Researchers Find
York University Professor Amro Zayed was quoted in EcoWatch Dec. 10.

Search For York United Head Coach ‘Progressing Well’
York University was mentioned in Northern Tribune Dec. 10.

Black Lives Here: Continuing the conversation with Ingrid Palmer on the importance of believing in yourself and helping others
York University alumna Ingrid Palmer was featured in Beach Metro News Dec. 14.

Trish Stratus Reflects On Her Pro Wrestling Journey
York University was mentioned in Sportwiki.com Dec. 14.

Some universities cancel in-person exams after rise in COVID-19 cases
York University Advisor and Deputy Spokesperson Yanni Dagonas was quoted in St. Catharine Standard Dec. 13.

Omicron FAQ: How is it different from other variants? Is it a ‘super-variant?’ Can it evade vaccines? How transmissible is it?
York University Associate Professor Dasantila Golemi-Kotra was quoted in Conversation Canada Dec. 13.

Canada’s first climate change solutions park taking root in region
York University was mentioned in Toronto Star Dec. 13.

Sex, taxes & COVID-19: How sex workers navigated pandemic relief efforts
York University postdoctoral Fellow Ryan Conrad contributes to Yahoo News Dec. 13.

Hells Angels Toronto boss Donny Petersen reportedly dead at 74
York University was mentioned in Ottawa Sun Dec. 13.

Toronto’s pink delivery robots have been pulled off the streets and may be banned next week — but is that the right move?
David Lepofsky, visiting professor at the Osgoode Hall Law School was quoted in Toronto Star Dec. 13.

Re-imagining long-term care
York University Professor Patricia Armstrong spoke to WOW News Dec. 5.