McLaughlin College virtual event discusses human rights and the environment

hand holding a small plant

Co-hosted by the Office of the College Head, McLaughlin College and Human Rights Watch (HRW), the “Workshop on Human Rights and the Environment,” taking place virtually on Dec. 9 at 5 p.m., will look at how human rights intersect with the environment in the context of climate change.

Guests are invited to join HRW’s Rachel LaFortune, researcher with the Environment and Human Rights Division and Stephen Northfield, digital director, to discuss their recent work documenting how climate change is already impacting human rights in Canada and how using digital advocacy helps to spread the word.

Rachel LaFortune

LaFortune’s current work focuses on human rights violations in the context of climate change and environmental health. Before joining HRW, LaFortune carried out research and advocacy on several human rights issues, including the impact of resource development on the Indigenous peoples’ rights to water, health, and culture in Canada and Papua New Guinea.

Stephen Northfield

Northfield joined HRW in 2013 and is responsible for the digital operations of the organization. He has a background in journalism, working for more than two decades as a writer and a senior editor. Most recently, he was deputy managing editor of Digital at The Globe and Mail. Previously, Northfield held the title of The Globe‘s foreign editor and worked in a variety of senior roles in national and business news.

The event moderator is Professor James C. Simeon, head of McLaughlin College and associate professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration.

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