Lights! Camera! Schulich prof a featured expert in Hollywood documentary

Schulich School of Business Professor Moshe Milevsky plays a key role in the largest retirement documentary in the history of film.

Moshe Milevsky

Milevsky has made his Hollywood debut in The Baby Boomer Dilemma: An Exposé of America’s Retirement Experiment, a documentary film currently playing in U.S. theatres. The movie reveals the shocking risks around retirement savings in America and provides a troubling reality check for many who expect a safe retirement income in the future.

“It’s gratifying that my research work and expertise in this area was recognized beyond the narrow confines of academia and the ivory tower,” said Milevsky. “As a Canadian, appearing in a U.S.-based movie production is an added coup.”

Producer Doug Orchard said Milevsky’s testimony was critical to the film’s success. Milevsky served as an expert witness to the legislature of Florida 20 years ago as it transitioned its Defined Benefits Plan to a Defined Contribution Plan, and the film documents his role in influencing the retirement choices presented to Florida state employees. Actors in the film portray a storyline based on true events in which Milevsky participated.

This is the largest retirement documentary film rated by the MPA (Motion Picture Association) in the history of film and includes top academic minds in the field of retirement planning. Other experts in the documentary include Nobel Prize-winning economists from MIT and Stanford, as well as economists from Wharton and other well-known universities, members of the U.S. Congress, distinguished government leaders who serve or served as Trustees of the U.S. Social Security System, the Pension Guarantee Association, the U.S. Comptroller General, and pension fund managers.

“Hopefully this will increase enrollment in my technical courses on retirement income planning, which normally doesn’t attract the attention of 23-year-olds,” said Milevsky. “I can now add an IMDB (Internet Movie Database) entry to my CV, which I’m sure will do wonders on my next SSHRC/NSERC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council/Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) application.”