New USC website, telephone line simplify access to information and services

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Access to consistent, high-quality information and services, as simple as the click of a button – that’s the premise of the University Services Centre’s (USC) new website and telephone line.

The York University community can now call the USC telephone line to access services from Pension and Benefits, General Accounting, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and Procurement Operations.

When calling the telephone line, service requests will automatically be routed to the correct team or individual to create a seamless experience. In addition to service access, the telephone line also provides information on call duration and wait times to help users understand their place in the queue. This effort to provide transparency of expected wait time is in response to community feedback collected throughout USC consultations.

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The new website features a catalogue of all available services, easy-to-digest content and quick links to additional resources to make accessing services as simple as possible

For those seeking information about USC services, the new website is the best place to start. It features a catalogue of all available services, easy-to-digest content and quick links to additional resources to make accessing services as simple as possible.

“We’re excited to be able to share the new USC website with our community,” said John Pastorcic, manager of procurement operations in the USC. “With streamlined access to information, our hope is that clients will feel more confident accessing the services we offer and that every interaction with the USC is a positive one.”

The launch of these new platforms mark the latest step in York’s implementation of a shared services entity to improve the service experience for the community. It builds on ongoing efforts to consolidate high-volume administrative activities from across functions to make services easier to access, faster and more consistent.

These platforms will contribute to transforming service delivery across York and play an important role in developing a culture of service excellence across the University, a goal identified in the University Academic Plan. Their design is consistent with the principles laid out in York’s vision for service excellence, enabling the University to be accountable for providing enhanced value to students, faculty, instructors and staff by delivering simple, efficient and forward-looking services.

“This is a hallmark moment for York,” said Charles Frosst, assistant vice-president, University Services Centre. “The launch of these new platforms brings us closer than ever to our vision of ensuring every individual who interacts with the USC has a service experience that exceeds expectations.”

The USC website will be regularly updated to reflect the Centre’s growing catalogue of services as new teams join. In the coming months, the USC also has plans to introduce a new digital ticketing system that will further optimize service delivery for the community.

The design and implementation of the USC is part of the Service Excellence Program, a three-year initiative focused on improving processes, structures, systems and culture to make York University a better place to work and learn.

For more information, contact the Service Excellence Program.

To access services using the USC telephone line, call 416-736-5212. To learn more about the USC and the services offered through the centre, visit the USC website.