Schulich instructor raises $1M for parenting app

person holding a smartphone

A new app launched by a Schulich School of Business instructor and her team aims to improve the health and happiness of parents.

A student’s academic journey can last several years, but a parent’s journey lasts a lifetime. Schulich entrepreneurial studies instructor Althea Wishloff aims to help new mothers and families on their parental journey with the launch of the new subscription-based app Koble.

Koble Head of Growth, Althea Wishloff (left) with Founder Swati Matta
Koble head of growth Althea Wishloff (left) with founder Swati Matta (right)

Koble’s goal is to reinvent the prenatal and post-partum experience by connecting parents and health-care experts to provide multidisciplinary care. The Koble team recently raised $1 million with the participation of Garage Capital and Panache Ventures.

“I’m very excited, alongside my team, to build a product that brings better prenatal and post-partum support to parents across the globe,” said Wishloff. “Schulich network has helped elevate Koble’s brand and convene a network of supporters as we bring our solution to market.”

In seeking health-care investors with expertise in recruitment and direct-to-consumer products, Koble also received funds investment from prominent executives from Telus, Shopify, Uber, League and Cleveland Clinic Canada.

Koble’s new focus is building a community within the platform by delivering cohort-based learning experiences, where new parents can start their journeys alongside other families. The company will then work to provide virtual one-to-one care early next year.