Learn why arts venues are critical to innovative society at next Scholars’ Hub

People at theatre

For the Oct. 27 edition of the Scholars’ Hub @ Home speaker series, David Weitzner, an assistant professor of management in York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, will host a discussion about the importance of arts venues in post-pandemic society.

David Weitzner
David Weitzner

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, and with governments overtaking markets in deciding economic winners and losers, arts spaces have ended up among the biggest losers. Research demonstrates that honing imagination and wonder is essential to creating cultures dedicated to innovative social and business practices, which is why, as Weitzner will argue, CEOs and policy-makers need to take note: any society hoping to build back better must start by supporting their arts venues, the training ground for wonder.

Brought to you by York University’s Office of Alumni Engagement, the Scholars’ Hub @ Home speaker series features discussions on a broad range of topics, with engaging lectures from some of York’s best and brightest minds. Students, alumni and all members of the community are invited to attend. All sessions take place at noon via Zoom.

Events are held in partnership with Vaughan Public Libraries, Markham Public Library and Aurora Public Library.

To register for the event, visit bit.ly/3pyJrih.