Reminder: Students can help shape an inclusive community at York

An advertisement for the Student Equity & Diversity Census

After extensive consultation with students and the York community, York University has introduced its first Student Equity and Diversity Census.

The desire for a self-identification survey came from many sources, including York students, to help optimize their educational experience and address systemic barriers. The 11-question census, to be delivered on an annual basis, will support the provision of targeted services, resources and supports designed specifically for equity-seeking student populations, and support the University to address and eliminate barriers to access, retention and completion. It will also provide baseline data to measure the University’s goals as outlined in the York University Academic Plan 2020-25.

For the full story on why York is seeking to expand its knowledge about the diversity of its students, and how the census will help inform the University moving forward, visit this link. To participate in the census, which remains open until Oct. 29, go here.