York’s Writing Centre launches new livestream ‘Get WRIT’

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Beginning Sept. 29, the Writing Centre at York University will feature a new weekly livestream hosted by writing Professor Rich Shivener, who will broadcast the digital series from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on his YouTube channel, YU WRIT Live.

Shivener will consider topics including the purpose of university writing and assignments, new software to help with composition, and tips and tools for efficient, productive composition. A chat feature will also be available, and Shivener plans to interact with his audience.

Rich Shivener
Rich Shivener

“I like the low-stakes approach to YouTube Live,” said Shivener about his plans. “Audiences from across the University can tune in and chat without needing video or audio.

“It’s a great space for commenting and asking questions without having to feel like you’re ‘on’ and it’s easy to tune into later with video on demand.”

Shivener will explore a variety of traditional and digital writing practices on his program. He plans to discuss software applications like Scrivener and Write or Die that can help today’s authors compose efficiently. Student needs during the semester will also form a big part of his content.

“Topics will be based on my personal experience as a professional writer as well as timely happenings,” said Shivener. “For example, in the middle of the fall, I plan to discuss more multimedia writing practices because students often work on those projects for midterms and finals. As we approach winter holidays, I plan to play the writing game Kind Words. Requests for topics are most welcome.”

The first two episodes of the new livestream are “What are We Writing (in class, elsewhere)?” on Sept. 29, and “Where We ‘Get WRIT’ in the Writing Department” on Oct 6.

The new series is hosted by York’s Writing Centre, and students will be able to find further episode information, links and more background on the program by visiting the Writing Centre website at yorku.ca/laps/writing-centre.

“We’re really looking forward to this new series,” said Professor Jon Sufrin, the Writing Centre’s director. “It’s an easy new way to get insights into how to become a better writer, and a chance to get any writing-related questions you have answered in real time.”

Fourth-year Professional Writing program student Kernessa Brereton said she’d heard about the series from her professors and planned to tune in. “Professor Shivener is a really accessible and interesting professor,” she said. “He’s got a lot of insight into the writing process, especially the digital end of things. I’m excited to hear his thoughts.”

All students need to participate is a web browser or mobile phone. Livestreams will be available with show notes and captions, and archived episodes will be hosted on the Writing Centre’s website unless otherwise noted.