New employee learning experiences will transform York’s workplace and talent

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This fall, York University will take the employee learning experience to the next level with the launch of new programs, series, elective courses and YU Learn, York’s first employee learning management system, complemented by a continuing commitment to LinkedIn Learning.

“York has become a global magnet for talented people drawn by our academic excellence, cosmopolitan character, and commitment to making a positive difference.” (Source: University Academic Plan, 2020-25)

Inspired and led by the 2020-25 University Academic Plan’s focus on “Living Well Together” and “21st Century Learning,” York employees and managers will have access to accelerated and modern learning experiences that already differentiate York University as a teaching, learning and research institution, and now as an employer as well.  

“We know that our employees continue to seek greater opportunities for connection, learning and career navigation,” said Assistant Vice-President of Human Resources (HR) Mary Catherine Masciangelo. “As York continues to move through challenge and change, a modern and agile employee learning experience is critical to York’s future-readiness and the ability to co-create positive change for our University and for the students we serve.”

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The learning content lined up for York’s 2021-22 employee learning and development programming emphasizes career navigation, skills and leadership development, and building learning capacity. York’s employee learning lead, Jennifer Sipos, director of talent acquisition and development, shares some of the highlights: “York employees want personalized, 21st-century learning that enables them to self-direct positive work experiences and navigate distinct careers. Our offerings recognize and reflect the diverse employee learners we serve and the curricula they need and desire. Specifically, our employees want to build people leadership, digital collaboration and decision-making skills, and new programs like Emerging Leaders U and the Digital Workplace Series respond directly to that feedback.”

Virtual employee learning continues

During the early phase of remote work in 2020, more than 150 instructor-led employee learning courses were transformed into virtually delivered courses, and employee participation in learning increased by more than 200 per cent. Employee learning and development opportunities will continue to be offered virtually in 2021-22, and employee feedback will continue to drive and shape future learning experiences, whether in virtual, in-person or blended modes.

YU Learn: York’s first employee learning management system

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This fall, York University will accelerate and modernize the employee experience with 21st-century learning practices and technologies already benefiting York students. The project began as an innovative partnership between key members of the HR and University Information Technology teams designed to technologically transform the employee experience. Employees and managers can now more purposefully and easily navigate careers, develop skills and build performance. They will benefit from a more user-friendly system of engagement, with the ability to register for, track and recommend learning opportunities while working towards digital credentials and program certificates. 

“The system was designed to facilitate an employee experience that aligns and reflects York’s commitment to service excellence, designed with local learning administrators and employees, with their input from concept to implementation – a hallmark of agile, user-driven design,” said Vanessa Capogreco, York’s technical learning lead and YU Learn project co-lead. 

A continuing commitment to LinkedIn Learning

An exciting commitment providing continuing access to LinkedIn Learning benefits all members of the York University community. York students, faculty, instructors and staff alike can continue to leverage LinkedIn courses, videos and learning paths to help customize their personal learning experiences and lifelong learning goals with self-paced, device-friendly accessibility. More information on accessing LinkedIn Learning can be found at

“LinkedIn Learning has become a tool that thousands of people in our York University community use every day,” said Will Gage, associate vice-president, teaching and learning. “We are really excited to be able to continue providing access to LinkedIn Learning for all of our students, staff and faculty. I want to encourage everyone to check it out and give thought to how the platform can support your own continuing education and development.”

Register now

York employees can now access and register for programs, series, and elective courses and are encouraged to become familiar with the exciting opportunities available by visiting the Employee Learning, Development and Career Navigation page. For more information about employee learning and development, contact