Office of University Registrar announces standardized deadlines to apply to graduate

Convocation box
The graduation celebration box that was sent to the class of 2020

After consultation with Faculty partners, the Office of the University Registrar has standardized deadline dates to submit applications to graduate.

The standardized process will:

  • provide consistency University-wide, wherein convocation deadlines will be the same every year; and
  • assist with consistent communication to students to ensure that these deadlines are met, to avoid any disappointment related to the convocation ceremony and their ability to graduate at their desired/eligible time.
    • This communication will also make students aware that there is a need to apply to graduate if they are eligible and intend to graduate, and let them know that there is a deadline as well as the deadline date.

Deadlines going forward are: Nov. 1 (for February convocation), March 1 (for June convocation) and Aug. 1 (for October convocation).

All information can be found on the Apply to Graduate web page.