Have a story idea for YFile? Send it faster and easier with new online submission form

A person is using a computer

YFile has made it easier than ever for community members to submit story ideas. York University’s journal of record has just launched a new online submission form allowing users a faster, more accessible way to send story ideas to the YFile team.

The new form offers a simple online submission process for University community members, while creating an easier-to-manage system for YFile staff to track story submissions and related assets.

Designed from the previous downloadable form community members have been using for many years, the new online form will ask users to fill out required and optional fields to help YFile staff assess and develop content. Users will also be able to include one text-based document and up to three images.

The link to the online Story Submission Form can be found on the More About YFile page under the heading “YFile Story Requirements.” Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the new online YFile Story Submission Form page directly and bookmark it for future use.

The direct link is: yfile.news.yorku.ca/yfile-story-ideas.

We look forward to your story idea submissions!

Thank you,
YFile staff