Schulich launches George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains and announces its research Chair

Schulich Professor David Johnson
David Johnston

York University’s Schulich School of Business has officially launched the George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains and announced the research Chair during the Centre’s inaugural research forum called “Supply Chain Problems: Practical Insights from Emerging Research.” The forum brought management researchers and industry together to find practical solutions and explore new opportunities.

Schulich Professor David Johnston
Schulich Professor David Johnston will be the Centre’s inaugural director (image: Gordon Hawkins)

Building on Schulich’s unique Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program, its deep relationships with industry and George Weston Ltd’s world-class expertise in supply chain management, the new centre is poised to be a global leader in supply chain education. David Johnston, program director of the MSCM, will take the role of the new George Weston Ltd Chair for Sustainable Supply Chains and be the centre director.

“Our goal is to harness the desire for change emerging in a post-pandemic economy and engage industry, academics, NGOs and government in a dialogue,” says Johnston. “One that leads to an actionable agenda that modernizes critical infrastructure, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and provides environments where people can thrive.”

Johnston is a professor of operations management and information systems at Schulich, as well as acting director of both the Master of Business Analytics and Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence programs.

“Supply chains are the heart of Canada’s economy and provide the food, medication and other items Canadians need by connecting communities from coast to coast to coast,” said Galen Weston, Chair and CEO of George Weston Ltd. “We are delighted to partner with the Schulich School of Business to deepen our country’s expertise and develop sustainable supply chains that will contribute to a stronger, more resilient Canada.”

For more information, watch this video or visit this website.