Welcome to the May 2021 issue of ‘Innovatus’

Welcome to the May 2021 issue of ‘Innovatus,’ a special issue of YFile devoted to teaching and learning at York University. This issue focuses on the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS).

Will Gage
Will Gage

As someone who has pursued a passion through graduate studies, I know the importance offered by a graduate degree. In this issue of ‘Innovatus,’ we hint at the enormous breadth of the role that FGS plays within York University. As FGS Dean Thomas Loebel writes in his eloquent letter, FGS is like no other Faculty. The pan-University innovations developed within FGS benefit all of York University’s Faculties. Stories in this issue cover FGS’ leading edge approach to wellness, the unique and very individual nature of a graduate degree, and the exciting innovations that showcase new ways of thinking. It’s all extraordinary and compelling.

This issue also marks the last for this academic year. I look forward to the start of a new academic year in September with the deep and sincere hope that we will finally emerge from the pandemic with a return to in-class learning, on-campus activities and more.

Thank you, as always, for the many suggestions and comments about the stories and concepts presented in ‘Innovatus.’ Please keep them coming.

Featured in the May 2021 issue of ‘Innovatus’

Dean’s letter: The Faculty of Graduate Studies is a Faculty like no other
In his introductory letter to this issue of ‘Innovatus,’ Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean Thomas Loebel writes about the Faculty’s diverse role as a hub, enabling program administrators, professors and students to share best practices and collaborate in developing the types of regulations and guidelines that promote, rather than stifle, new ideas. Read full story.

‘Knowledge Now’ brings graduate research to life during pandemic
During the pandemic, a new initiative out of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University, “Knowledge Now,” brought graduate research to life online through a series of short videos about individual research produced by students, as well as two synchronous online panels that were recorded and made available online. Read full story.

Wellness is top of mind for the Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Certificate in Personal Wellness & Learning Skills is only one of a variety of wellness services offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University, where self-care is a decanal priority. The Faculty offers students a variety of resources and services designed to meet their needs, including wellness webinars and workshops and a resource hub. Read full story.

Non-traditional theses becoming new tradition for Faculty of Graduate Studies
A 2018 report by the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies promoted rethinking the dissertation, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University has picked up the baton and run with it, creating its own task force to explore ways of easing the way for different approaches. Read full story.

Pointing graduate students toward the future
Graduate students are often so focused on their research, coursework and other commitments that they may not initially consider planning for skills development opportunities, so the Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University has developed a framework to assist: the Individualized Development Plan. Read full story.

‘Innovatus’ is produced by the Office of the Associate Vice-President Teaching & Learning in partnership with Communications & Public Affairs.

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Will Gage
Associate Vice-President, Teaching & Learning