Pan-University collaboration brings students new Course Contact Directory

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The Office of Vice-Provost, Students, the Office of the University Registrar, Academic Advising, the Faculties and UIT at York University have collaborated to create a Course Contact Directory that will assist students in obtaining permission to enrol in courses.

The project aims to improve service to students through an enhanced process of course enrolment that eliminates students unnecessarily contacting central advising or the wrong program department. The group leading the project developed a central web page that students can access as a quick and comprehensive reference to find the relevent program department and contact information for any course in which they want to enrol.

This initiative also enables advising centres to focus on helping students choose the right courses to complete their degree.

Students will be pointed toward the Course Contact Directory if they have tried enrolling in a course and received one of three messages on the Registration & Enrolment Module (REM):

  • The spaces in this course are reserved.
  • The course is restricted from dropping.
  • The last day to add without permission from the department has passed.

Until now, students were being told to contact the appropriate department, but it wasn’t immediately clear to students what department was offering that course or where the appropriate contact information could be found.

This pan-University collaboration supports the Division of Students’ goal to increase service excellence for students and make student services more accessible.

Those who spearheaded and sponsored this collaboration include: Josephine Fung, manager, Student Services, Faculty of Health; the Advising Community of Practice members; Lara Ubaldi, director, Student Advising & Academic Services, Division of Students; Olga Carew, director, Student Systems, Division of Students; Frances (Frankie) Billingsley, associate registrar & director, Student Records & Scheduling, Division of Students; UIT; and teams within the Division of Students.