ProFile: Noorin Pattni, lead student recruitment ambassador

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Consistent with its name, the series ProFile features faculty and staff at York University. Included in this short Q-and-A are details about working life at York, followed by a few fun and quirky questions.

ProFile: Noorin Pattni

Position at York U and department/faculty: Lead student recruitment ambassador, Office of Admissions and Recruitment

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Noorin Pattni

How long have you been with York University, and what is your role? Two years. My major role involves giving campus tours to prospective and incoming students interested in attending York University.

Describe a typical workday at York for you? A typical workday includes leading a campus tour of York University’s major buildings and spaces followed by team meetings or answering emails concerning student experiences at York. Virtually, we have been involved in holding student panels, Ask a Student Sessions and live chats where we answer questions related to student experience at York.

What do you enjoy most about working at York University? I enjoy working with a team consisting of diverse students, learning from each other and bouncing off ideas from each other. I also enjoy guiding and helping students navigate through the various services offered at York and ensuring they have a smooth transition.

Where is your favourite place on campus and why? My favourite place on campus is The Pond. While living on campus for the past four years, this is where I go to unwind, reflect and re-energize myself. Going for walks by the pond surrounded by nature is very therapeutic and helps me stay calm and grounded.

Describe York University using one word: Nurturing

And now for a little fun…

What’s your favourite family tradition? My favourite family tradition is going on trips during Christmas (which is also my birthday) and spending quality time together. These may be faraway holiday destinations or road trips to exciting places, but we make it a point to visit new places every time.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve lived? I lived in Singapore for six months for my student exchange program. There, I learned how to speak Singlish, have Kaya toast for breakfast, and drink Kopi C every morning. This was a very exciting opportunity and helped me meet diverse students.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without? (Excluding people) One thing I couldn’t live without is probably my ‘to-do’ lists. Without these, I would not know what I am doing or what I need to do. I literally write down everything I need to do, just so I don’t forget, and it also helps me hold myself accountable. Without my to-do lists, I would be so lost.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was a child, I always use to carry a doctor set with me and tell everyone I was a doctor. When my grandma was sick, I used to ‘treat’ her with my fake doctor set and tell her she would be fine. Those were probably the most memorable years of my life as a child.

What is something you always have in your fridge? I always have chocolate or ice cream in my fridge. Yes, I have a very sweet tooth and midnight cravings are real, so if you are looking for something sweet you know that’s me, and my fridge-stash of course.

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