York professors edit special issue of ‘Studies in Social Justice’ journal


Two York University Professors from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies are the co-editors of a special issue of the Studies in Social Justice journal. The special issue, published December 2020, is titled “Migration, anti-racism and Indigenous sovereignty in a ‘chronically mobile’ world.”

Soma Chatterjee, associate professor of social work, and Tania Das Gupta, professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies, invited anti-racist scholars to share their understanding of the relationship between migration/migrant settlement and Indigenous sovereignty – often conceptualized separately.

Two years in the making, the collection brought together an international cohort of 27 scholars in social work, sociology, geography, disability studies, history, law, politics, education, gender, sexuality and women’s studies, to explore central questions in anti-racist scholarship on migration and mobility.

To learn more, visit https://journals.library.brocku.ca/index.php/SSJ/article/view/2622.