Submit your nomination today for Senate committees and other elected positions

Drone image shows Vari Hall and the Ross Building on Keele Campus

The Executive Committee of the Senate of York University has issued its annual call for expressions of personal interest in, and suggestions for, nominations for membership on Senate committees and other positions elected by Senate. For details, see the dedicated “Elections” page accessible from the Senate website.

Expressions of personal interest and the recommendation of other individuals can be transmitted by means of a form created for this purpose. Specific criteria for each of the positions should be reviewed carefully before the forms are submitted. Individuals must be available to serve at the standing meeting times of committees, and other criteria apply.

Questions about any aspect of the nomination and election process may be addressed to Cheryl Underhill, senior assistant secretary, University Secretariat, by email at

Senate Committee or Position* Vacancies for terms beginning July 1, 2021
Senator on the Board of Governors 1 full-time tenure-stream faculty or full-time tenure-stream librarian or archivist
Vice-Chair of Senate 1 full-time faculty member
Academic Standards, Curriculum and Pedagogy 3 full-time faculty members
1 contract faculty member
Appeals Committee 2 full-time faculty members
Awards 2 full-time faculty members
Joint Sub-Committee on Quality Assurance 5 full-time faculty members
Tenure and Promotions Appeals Committee 4 full-time faculty members
Tenure and Promotions Committee 5 full-time faculty members

*Senate Executive, Academic Policy, Planning and Research, and the Sub-Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials are populated by a process leading to nominations by Faculty Councils. Contact Faculty Council secretaries for information on vacancies.