Call for applications: The Dahdaleh Institute’s Seed Grants for Critical Social Science Perspectives in Global Health Research

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The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research is now accepting applications for the 2021 Seed Grants in Critical Social Science Perspectives in Global Health Research.

The seed grant program follows the second annual “York Faculty and Fellow Workshop on Critical Social Science Perspectives in Global Health,” held on Feb. 24 and 25. With more than 40 participants and featuring presentations from previous seed grant recipients, this years’ workshop highlighted common themes. These themes included equity and human rights in global mental health; localization and decolonization of global humanitarian response to COVID-19; people-centred approaches to reconceptualize health security; advancing a renewable energy transition in Canada; and closing the gaps in COVID-19 response demands for Canadian Indigenous people.

Both days also featured “pitch” presentations on new ideas from the York University research community – many of them connected by their participatory, experiential, and experimental focuses to address global health issues such as disease, health emergencies, and planetary health. The range of ideas presented identified areas of tension and reimagined places and spaces for potential change. Participants were able to share a variety of critical perspectives in global health.

The Dahdaleh Institute seeks to enable and support a critical social science approach with global public health. The purpose of the seed grant program is to enable and support critical social science global health research that contributes to the research themes of the Dahdaleh Institute. These themes are: 1) Planetary Health; 2) Global Health and Humanitarianism; and 3) Global Health Fore Sighting. The seed grants are also meant to encourage faculty to develop fuller grant proposals for Fall Tri-Council (and other agency or funder) grant submission deadlines. Seed Grant recipients will be invited to present at a future full-day Dahdaleh Institute Workshop on Critical Social Science Perspectives in Global Health.

James Orbinski
James Orbinski

“Critical social science perspectives in global health are transdisciplinary, participatory, experimental or experiential analyses that actively seek greater effectiveness, equity, and excellence in global health” reflects Dahdaleh Institute Director, Dr. James Orbinski, MD. “For example, the scale and the revealed vulnerabilities of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the complexities of the global public health response make it abundantly clear that we need to foster this kind of research to  shape a more effective and socially just global health.”

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The deadline for submission is March 26.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to learn more about the three research themes of the Dahdaleh Institute ahead of submission at